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Patent Lawyers London - Our teams of Intellectual Property lawyers are known for its excellence and innovation in the several services connected to acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property assets.

In our team; we have more than 90 experts, with experience in three main services: Litigation, Business and Prosecution. Our legal practice focused on intellectual property rights is amongst the very best in the country. Our intellectual property team has knowledge in the fields of patents, designs, trade-marks, trade secrets and copyrights. Our litigators are amongst the very best in the world.

Our teams skill extends into the fields of due diligence, portfolio analysis, audits as well as various related services that are part of corporate transactions and financing. We are professionals in the assessment of technology for intellectual property protection, comprising methods for portfolio development involving procurement of rights, licensing and commercialization techniques, and offensive and defensive litigation.

Our team comprises intellectual property lawyers, patent and trade-mark agents, and technical consultants. We have strong backgrounds and practical experience in engineering and scientific sectors. In science the team has skill in biotechnology, biomechanics, biochemistry, food science, chemistry, endocrinology, life sciences, genetics, immunology, microbiology, molecular/cellular biology, pharmacology, physics, physiology, neuropsychology, organic chemistry, toxicology and neurophysiology. In engineering disciplines, team members excel in the subsequent areas: aerospace, biomedical, chemical, civil, computer science, industrial, material science, metallurgy, electrical and mechanical.

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During 1993, London became one of the biggest urban municipalities in Ontario due to the annexations in 1993. Rapid residential and commercial development likewise occurred within the northwestern and southwestern areas of the city. Today, London City is considered as the 11th biggest urban area within Canada and the sixth largest city within Ontario.

London has its creative roots planted very early in its history, and over the years, it has created various Canadian talents both in the visual and performing arts. Among the most notable ones comprise: dancers Evelyn Hart, Jack Chambers and the late Greg Curnoe, musician Guy Lombardo, actor Ryan Gosling, and Oscar-winning screenplay writer and director Paul Haggis...