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Lawyer Referral Service London - Individuals with a high-net worth and their families require some form of wealth management and estate planning. We make sure that our clients and their assets are protected throughout their lifetime and after death. Moreover, we make certain that these assets are correctly distributed in a tax efficient and orderly manner to their descendants.

The aspects of executorships, administration, trusts and estates, taxes and related dispute solutions are all handled by our estates and wealth management group. We have extensive knowledge concerning the preparation of wills, powers of attorney, and trusts. We make certain that, in the event of death, double taxation and different unfavorable tax results.

One more aspect that we specialize in is succession planning for both family-owned and private companies. Our clients rely upon us for different services, consisting of the separation of investment assets from business assets, variable share structure, exit strategies and estate freezes.

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During 1993, London became one of the biggest urban municipalities in Ontario due to the annexations in 1993. Rapid residential and commercial development likewise occurred within the northwestern and southwestern areas of the city. Today, London City is considered as the 11th biggest urban area within Canada and the sixth largest city within Ontario.

London has its creative roots planted very early in its history, and over the years, it has created various Canadian talents both in the visual and performing arts. Among the most notable ones comprise: dancers Evelyn Hart, Jack Chambers and the late Greg Curnoe, musician Guy Lombardo, actor Ryan Gosling, and Oscar-winning screenplay writer and director Paul Haggis...