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  • Criminal Defence Lawyer London
    Criminal Defence Lawyer London - Defamation law is just one of the various services our information law practice provides. Any individual or enterprise in the distribution of information will at some time need legal advice to be able to avoid ... More
  • Corporate Lawyers London
    Corporate Lawyers London - When dealing with problems of insolvency or restructuring, effective and efficient time management is imperative. Our knowledgeable firm is a widely recognized leader in handling all issues of commercial activity in ... More
  • London Corporate Law Firms
    London Corporate Law Firms - Our company specializes in corporate law legal counsel about the really straightforward every day concerns to the much more complicated matters. We provide recommendation concerning both commercial and corporate ... More
  • London Disability Lawyers
    London Disability Lawyers - In order to deal with privacy issues which can impact business activities, our firms Privacy Law group can assist our clients in the development of effective procedures. The area of Privacy law is fairly complex and is ... More
  • Legal Aid Lawyers London
    Legal Aid Lawyers London - Our Financial Services Team assists clients in problems related to restructuring, insolvency and finance. Our group members' experience in the financial services industry equips them with the skills and insights to ... More
  • London Bankruptcy
    London Bankruptcy - In the past couple of decades, our firm has offered recommendation on all aspects of bankruptcy law, including commercial litigation, creditors' remedies, and reorganizations and restructurings. Our profile is highly regarded ... More
  • Criminal Lawyer London
    Criminal Lawyer London - Our criminal defense lawyers are really experienced, knowledgeable and have acted for clients in all levels of court. Amongst the areas in which our lawyers have broad skill and expertise in are preliminary hearings, bail ... More
  • Immigration Attorney London
    Immigration Attorney London - Today there is increasing concern about privacy matters and the complexity of new privacy legislation. Organizations and individuals which develop or supply biotechnology or information technology have different ... More
  • Trustees in Bankruptcy London
    Trustees in Bankruptcy London - In order to ask for advice concerning an assortment of debtor/creditor problems, businesses, directors, shareholders, lenders, receivers and trustees come to our firm. Our team of lawyers can assist guide clients ... More
  • London Car Accident Lawyers
    London Car Accident Lawyers - We have among the biggest and most experienced class action defense groups in the country. We have experienced in various law fields involving competition, employment, environment problems, pension, product ... More
  • London Disability Lawyer
    London Disability Lawyer - For the matters of Privacy and Protection of Information, companies have been found to keep up with the new legislation. The many privacy issues are more important that ever in our world. Our firm's team of privacy ... More
  • Civil Lawyer London
    Civil Lawyer London - Our firm has numerous civil litigators who have the required expertise and skill to deal with any litigation issues which they may be confronted with. Our lawyers are very respected within the legal community and judiciary ... More
  • London Criminal Law Firms
    London Criminal Law Firms - Within the construction and engineering trade, there has been a fast growth, so it is no longer acceptable to just react to issues as soon as they occur. The businesses within this industry should learn the skill of ... More
  • Patent Agent London
    Patent Agent London - Our lawyers specializing in Intellectual Property Law has many years of experience and expertise in developing new and innovative services, products, brands, and content for our clients. We can act on behalf or just advise ... More
  • Car Accident Lawyer London
    Car Accident Lawyer London - It is vital to keep in mind, when handling a class action case, there is usually a public relations aspect that should be taken into account, along with some financial exposure. Our office has garnered both ... More
  • Corporate Lawyer London
    Corporate Lawyer London - Our company specializes in offering services and advice meant for both commercial and residential companies concerning lending transactions. As part of our client base; our company has lots of clients ranging from ... More
  • List Law Firms London
    List Law Firms London - Our company has a great reputation for providing quality financial industry advice for our clients. Amongst our objectives is to ensure that the clients meet their goals both practically and efficiently. Our services ... More
  • Patent Lawyer London
    Patent Lawyer London - Our Intellectual Property lawyers know that for several businesses their intellectual property is their most important asset. Intellectual property is a key component in retaining and attracting market share. It defines ... More
  • Criminal Lawyers London
    Criminal Lawyers London - Our experienced criminal defense lawyers represent clients at all levels of the courts. Our assistance to clients include conducting bail hearings, preliminary hearings, appeals and trials. We provide legal counsel and ... More
  • Bankruptcy London
    Bankruptcy London - Our Bankruptcy and Restructuring group has much experience and knowledge within the areas of bankruptcy, insolvency, and restructuring. For both creditors and debtors we represent and have played lots of important parts in ... More
  • London Personal Injury Lawyers
    London Personal Injury Lawyers - Our company can help with your claim if you are in an accident and are injured, whether the injury as a result of a simple slip and fall accident or a more complex car accident. When wounded, it is not just ... More
  • London Personal Injury Lawyer
    London Personal Injury Lawyer - Medical Malpractice If you have been injured caused by a medical error, you may be entitled to compensation. Errors made by doctors, nurses, or various health care practitioners, which lead to injury, can entitle ... More
  • Traffic Lawyers London
    Traffic Lawyers London - Our company's Transportation Law services have changed in recent years in response to the challenges experienced by the transportation industry. Where in the past we concentrated mostly on representing and advising motor ... More
  • London Business Law
    London Business Law - Our Business Law group helps companies of all types and sizes in achieving their goals. We believe in and provide client-centered and value-based legal assistance. With our trademark combination of innovative and ... More
  • Personal Injury Lawyers London
    Personal Injury Lawyers London - Make contact with our company's knowledgeable Personal Injury lawyers for a consultation, if you have succumbed to a personal injury caused by the neglect of another party. Initial consultations are free. Our ... More
  • London Accident Lawyer
    London Accident Lawyer - Our Intellectual Property (IP) Team understands the importance and value of your intellectual property. In order to assist you protect and license your intellectual property, we offer different legal services related to ... More
  • Personal Injury London
    Personal Injury London - Our firm's personal injury lawyers understand the devastating effects accidents have on victims and their families. Our lawyers are skilled trial attorneys, capable of representing personal injury victims in the fields ... More
  • Civil Lawyers London
    Civil Lawyers London - Before you enter into a legal agreement with a different individual or business, you should confer with an experienced contract lawyer. It is important for you to understand the legal benefits and drawbacks, whether the ... More
  • Patent Lawyers London
    Patent Lawyers London - Our teams of Intellectual Property lawyers are known for its excellence and innovation in the several services connected to acquisition, commercialization, and enforcement of intellectual property assets. In our team; ... More
  • Corporate Law London
    Corporate Law London - Our Banking & Project Finance Group helps lenders and borrowers within the full range of financing alternatives. The variety of loan and other commercial credit facilities we serve vary from simple letters of credit to ... More
  • Mergers and Acquisitions London
    Mergers and Acquisitions London - Our firm is involved in difficult acquisitions, divestitures, reorganizations and mergers on behalf of corporate clients working in various business jurisdictions, sectors and industries. Our ranking amongst ... More
  • Lawyers London
    Lawyers London - Our firm's veteran lawyers are skilled at finding beneficial solutions to commercial disputes, whether it be the boardroom, trial or appeal level. Our skilled litigators can solve disputes via innovative negotiation by using a ... More
  • London Injury Lawyer
    London Injury Lawyer - We have skilled and knowledgeable Class Action lawyers which are qualified within both advancing and defending class actions. Because of the fairly plaintiff-friendly nature of class action legislation, there have been ... More
  • London Business Law Firm
    London Business Law Firm - At our firm, we completely know the business objectives of our clients and work towards achieving those objectives with customized, timely and efficient legal counsel. We have many public and private businesses, amongst ... More
  • Civil Litigation Lawyers London
    Civil Litigation Lawyers London - Areas like for instance abuse of dominant position, mergers and acquisitions, competitor agreement, refusal to deal, price maintenance, tied selling, together with various anti-competitive trade practices are all ... More
  • Trademark Lawyers London
    Trademark Lawyers London - Our Intellectual Property Team gives assistance with intellectual property enforcement and protection so as to assist clients maximize the value of their intellectual property (IP). We are one of the top intellectual ... More
  • London Corporate Lawyer
    London Corporate Lawyer - Our team of Corporate and Commercial law lawyers provides both recommendation and further assistance to different commercial and corporate clients, comprising cooperatives, small business proprietors, chartered banks, ... More
  • Criminal Lawyer in London
    Criminal Lawyer in London - Our criminal defense lawyers have extensive experience acting for clients going through summary conviction and indictable offenses. Our skill at all levels of the criminal justice system allows us to know what ... More
  • Immigration Lawyer London Free Consultation
    Immigration Lawyer London Free Consultation - Over the years, our company has dealt with different technology clients consisting of investors, users, and creators and have had the opportunity to advise hundreds of clients about their technology ... More
  • London Business Lawyer
    London Business Lawyer - Our firm of Banking and Financial Service lawyers make use of a results-oriented approach to offer benefits to many financial institutions in addition to a variety of other borrowing and lending clients. Due to our ... More
  • Car Accident London
    Car Accident London - Our office has extensive skill helping businesses which are facing difficult restructurings and insolvencies. We can effectively negotiate throughout business complexities by anticipating challenges and providing viable, ... More
  • Aboriginal Legal Services London
    Aboriginal Legal Services London - Cases of Tort law are legal cases which handle civil wrongs. If you have sustained harm or injury as a consequence of somebody else's negligence or intentional wrongdoing, you could be eligible to receive ... More
  • Securities Lawyer London
    Securities Lawyer London - Clients rely on us to help them in accessing both the private and public capital markets. Our seasoned lawyers offer advice regarding the accumulation of money within the structure of applicable securities regulations, ... More
  • Accident Lawyer London
    Accident Lawyer London - Litigation of a class action type is really complicated and can have the potential to either make or break a business. Tactic-based strategies are used that need strict case management, and are typically used in defense ... More
  • Personal Injury Law London
    Personal Injury Law London - All aspects of mergers and acquisitions, like for example domestic, cross-border, and international transactions, are completely covered by our company. Our experienced practitioners are renowned for their negotiating ... More
  • Trustee in Bankruptcy London
    Trustee in Bankruptcy London - Our company is knowledgeable in various bankruptcy law, ranging from straightforward collections to personal bankruptcy and complex restructuring. Clients of ours consist of, but are not limited, to trustees and ... More
  • Copyright Lawyer London
    Copyright Lawyer London - If there are not enough systems to lessen risks are not in place, the difficult web of global laws and regulations governing competitive conduct in today's world, can leave businesses facing a variety of corporate ... More
  • London Criminal Lawyers
    London Criminal Lawyers - There are numerous unique difficulties to business since today's legal landscape has complicated regulatory controls. More and more, businesses and individuals are at risk of criminal investigations or facing regulatory ... More
  • Civil Litigation Lawyer London
    Civil Litigation Lawyer London - When a business enterprise encounters financial problems, amongst the most important things you can do is choose the right team to help you navigate the process. bankruptcies, business restructuring and ... More
  • Injury Lawyer London
    Injury Lawyer London - Our Class Action Group provides sophisticated services associated to the provision of class action advice and representation. With numerous offices all around the country, we are able to provide flawless national coverage. ... More
  • London Patent Lawyers
    London Patent Lawyers - In intellectual property law, our company is an industry leader. Our IP or Intellectual Property Group has various technological skill specializing in exploitation, development, protection and use of information technology ... More
  • London Family Law Firms
    London Family Law Firms - The numerous domestic and international suppliers, investors and operators within the growing area of technology and communications law should make sure that they are up-to-date on the latest legal issues that affect ... More
  • London Law Firms
    London Law Firms - Our Administrative Law Group Our helps businesses, individuals, not-for-profit organizations, and governments with a variety of issues associated to tribunals and regulatory agencies. Our members represent clients before ... More
  • Injury Lawyers London
    Injury Lawyers London - The criminal lawyers within our firm have several years of practice within the area of impaired driving, representing all types of clients. We have established a really high success rate due to our strong perseverance to ... More
  • Impaired Driving London
    Impaired Driving London - Among the most valuable assets which a company could have are patents. It is vital that a patent portfolio is secured and maintained to make sure that a business will continue to expand and succeed. We have amongst ... More
  • Personal Injury Lawyer London
    Personal Injury Lawyer London - The majority of people are left unprepared after the stressful period of time which immediately follows a personal injury. Our knowledgeable lawyers are here to help our clients and their families through this ... More
  • London Bankruptcy Lawyers
    London Bankruptcy Lawyers - Opportunities arise from the chaos throughout stressful economic times. Our team concentrates on business solutions and restructuring group can help clients seize the rare opportunities utilizing our unique ... More
  • DUI Lawyers London
    DUI Lawyers London - Our lawyers in the field of Intellectual Property Law help our numerous clients in matters enforcing, acquiring, protecting, exploiting, defending, licensing, advertising and marketing their intellectual property. We provide ... More
  • Top Criminal Lawyers in London
    Top Criminal Lawyers in London - Our company has extensive experience in class actions, representing both the defendant and plaintiff class. On major class actions that have been brought in Canada and the U.S., we have acted as coverage counsel. ... More
  • London Defence Lawyer
    London Defence Lawyer - In situations in which a person is hurt through using a faulty product, product liability law holds neglectful makers accountable for their actions. Harm can be caused by design flaws, faulty manufacturing, false ... More
  • Accident Lawyers London
    Accident Lawyers London - Accidents can have an effect on whoever person whether they are young and old, rich and poor. Serious accidents could have harmful affects which will change the lives of your family members, dependents, and most of all ... More
  • London Lawyers
    London Lawyers - We are able to achieve particular litigation goals efficiently and quickly by combining our in-depth knowledge of our clients interests together with a fierce willpower to achieve an acceptable resolution. Our firm ... More
  • Injury Lawyers in London
    Injury Lawyers in London - Our company is can assist individuals handle many problems about personal injury, insurance coverage, economic law, product recall, drafting warning labels, or whatever various concerns about product liability. Our ... More
  • London Law Firm Directory
    London Law Firm Directory - When a company is experiencing financial problems, legal advice is considered necessary by the company and its shareholders, creditors, financial advisors, liquidators and lenders. Our teams of lawyers are ... More
  • Bankruptcy in London
    Bankruptcy in London - Our skilled team of Insolvency Law practitioners could help you face the challenge of being unable to meet your monetary responsibilities. Whatever your financial challenge, we can help make the best of a bad situation. Our ... More
  • Business Law London
    Business Law London - Our team of Antitrust and Competition, we give suggestion in all aspects of antitrust litigation and competition regulation during business acquisitions, restructuring and mergers. These transactions are under constant ... More
  • Personal Injury Attorney London
    Personal Injury Attorney London - Regardless of how complicated and intricate the words could be, it is usually the policyholders who are responsible for understanding the terms outlined in their insurance policy. Insurance firms often take ... More
  • Criminal Law London
    Criminal Law London - Our patent agents, trade-mark agents and lawyers have extensive skill in different matters about intellectual property. In particular, our lawyers are experienced in assisting clients draft applications and in developing ... More
  • Best Criminal Lawyer in London
    Best Criminal Lawyer in London - Our Mergers and Acquisitions Group comprises multi-disciplinary and multi-jurisdictional lawyers providing professional recommendation regarding all types of M&A transactions, from inception to post-closing ... More
  • London Bankruptcy Trustee
    London Bankruptcy Trustee - Members of our firm are knowledgeable and experienced in all parts of insolvency law comprising matters concerning receiverships, bankruptcies and foreclosures. Our company offers legal suggestion to both ... More
  • Bankruptcy Trustee London
    Bankruptcy Trustee London - Debtor or creditor issues are simply solved by using our knowledgeable team of insolvency and restructuring lawyers. Our clients include businesses, directors, lenders, receivers, shareholders and trustees. While our ... More
  • Personal Injury Lawyers in London
    Personal Injury Lawyers in London - You can be entitled to recover damages from the parties or party accountable, if you sustain an injury to your individual because of a person's carelessness or reckless disregard. Injuries may result in medical ... More
  • London Car Accident Lawyer
    London Car Accident Lawyer - Practitioners of Intellectual Property Law will help you commercialize, enforce and protect your intellectual property. We have intellectual property services providing the practical recommendation and effective and ... More
  • DUI Lawyer London
    DUI Lawyer London - Our groups of lawyers know the importance of protecting your firm's intellectual property (IP). We can help enforce, establish and monitor their intellectual property rights. With our 30-year history of experience in ... More
  • Business Lawyer London
    Business Lawyer London - We provide various assistance to various financing and leasing companies, financial institutions, and various non-bank lenders including structuring and documenting an assortment of loan transactions. These transactions ... More
  • London Accident Lawyers
    London Accident Lawyers - Our firm of insurance experts provide legal recommendation concerning different matters of insurance to the many businesses within the insurance trade. These may include the defense of directors, officers and ... More
  • Crown Attorney London
    Crown Attorney London - Our firm advises and represents various small and large, private and public businesses concerning business issues. We also advise non-profit entities and religious corporations. We work closely along with our clients to ... More
  • Brain Injury Lawyer London
    Brain Injury Lawyer London - For those people who experience brain and spinal cord injuries, immediate attention is needed. Our company concentrates on helping people with spinal and brain injuries. We make certain the victims get the top medical ... More
  • Criminal Law Firms London
    Criminal Law Firms London - It is very important to our clients that their intellectual property, and their rights behind it, remain enforced and protected always. Our company ensures that the misappropriation or misuse of intellectual property ... More
  • Criminal Defence Lawyers London
    Criminal Defence Lawyers London - Our firm specializes in providing legal advice in technology law for technology-related businesses. The growing field of technology law now consists of e-commerce, computer hardware and software, pharmaceutical, ... More
  • Criminal Law Firm London
    Criminal Law Firm London - The are an unprecedented number of mergers and acquisitions in today's world which has caused a changed economic landscape. Our office has helped play a part in this activity. We have assisted our clients with their ... More
  • Personal Injury Lawyer in London
    Personal Injury Lawyer in London - The two kinds of clients which our firm normally represents are insurance companies and self-made corporations. Our lawyers are experienced and knowledgeable in all of the kinds of law which our insurance ... More
  • Personal Injury Law Firms London
    Personal Injury Law Firms London - Our teams of insurance lawyers have represented amongst the bigger insurance businesses within the nation, offering them assistance concerning the numerous legal problems pertaining to property, automobile, ... More
  • Law London
    Law London - To be able to handle financial services in the trade of finance, most companies need a firm experienced in planning and reacting to major changes in the business. We make certain that we are clear on what our client's goals, when our ... More
  • Car Accident Lawyers London
    Car Accident Lawyers London - Class action suits present significant challenges to businesses, governments as well as other organizations in today's litigious environment. Our groups of lawyers provide the required technical and strategic skill ... More
  • Small Business Lawyer London
    Small Business Lawyer London - Our company's Business Law Team offers results-oriented legal and business services to business clients. Our business law practitioners are knowledgeable and creative at handling clients' matters in a focused and ... More
  • Bankruptcy Lawyer London
    Bankruptcy Lawyer London - Although our law firm possesses various legal expertise, we concentrate our energies on partnership matters, workouts, administrative matters, corporate matters and directed litigation. Our company is not afraid to ... More
  • London Lawyer Directory
    London Lawyer Directory - To be able to be successful in the financial world, legal advice is essential. The knowledgeable lawyers at our company offer a breadth of legal knowledge together with our renowned customer service so as to assist ... More
  • Trademark Lawyer London
    Trademark Lawyer London - Your firm's visible identity is established with a trade-mark. A trade-mark helps distinguish your company's services and products from the products and services of your competitors. The reputation of your business is ... More
  • London Criminal Lawyer
    London Criminal Lawyer - Our Group generally focuses on pursuing legal solutions concerning commercial and insurance fraud and theft. As the international commercial crime rate skyrockets, the government seems to be allocating less and less ... More
  • London Patent Lawyer
    London Patent Lawyer - It is a well known fact that effectual asset management is directly connected to successful companies. Even if businesses are commonly really good at protecting, managing and acquiring hard assets, they are usually less ... More
  • London Personal Injury
    London Personal Injury - Personal injuries can bring about a time which might be overwhelming and confusing. Your personal life may get overturned financially, physically and emotionally. We have experienced and trusted advisors you can always ... More
  • Divorce Lawyer in London
    Divorce Lawyer in London - Our lawyers have the needed knowledge in various technology issues because we often advise the users and developers in both the public and private sectors. We have experience in structuring, drafting, negotiating, and ... More
  • Personal Injury Law Firm London
    Personal Injury Law Firm London - Our Technology Law team can offer you with innovative legal solutions, whether your business is in the process of starting up, on the verge of commercializing a new technology or already a successful enterprise. ... More
  • London Criminal Defence Lawyer
    London Criminal Defence Lawyer - In domestic dispute situations, it is important to know regarding the law. In cases of domestic disputes where the police are called, the police would lay criminal charges versus the party concerned, usually a ... More
  • Criminal Law Firms in London
    Criminal Law Firms in London - In our firm, we specialize in Intellectual Property & Technology law offering different services to clients about the aspects related to intellectual property. This may include licensing, industrial designs, ... More
  • Best Criminal Lawyer London
    Best Criminal Lawyer London - Among the most complicated and active markets in the world is that of acquisitions and mergers. It is important that clients seek lawyers who have an abundance of industry knowledge in addition to legal expertise. ... More
  • Criminal Lawyers in London
    Criminal Lawyers in London - Your civil liberties can be altered if you are facing criminal charges. These can overwhelm your family, career, personal life, and your ability to travel to another country. It is essential that you phone a skilled ... More
  • Corporate Law Firms in London
    Corporate Law Firms in London - Our law firm has many banking and financial organizations in our clientele base because we have lots of skilled and experienced lawyers knowledgeable in the several banking and finance laws. Our various ... More
  • Best Personal Injury Lawyer London
    Best Personal Injury Lawyer London - Our firm's Privacy Group is recognized for its combination of practicality and innovation. Our privacy lawyers are recognized globally amongst worldwide regulators, policy makers and companies for providing ... More
  • Bankruptcy Trustees London
    Bankruptcy Trustees London - Our law firm's Insolvency and Restructuring Group has obtained national and international recognition for its knowledge as a leading insolvency, bankruptcy, restructuring and workout practice. The team of Insolvency ... More
  • Top Immigration Lawyers in London
    Top Immigration Lawyers in London - Our Technology Law Group helps clients with the full spectrum of services related to technology. We serve worldwide technology businesses with complicated requirements related to their technology and commercial ... More
  • Patent Agents London
    Patent Agents London - For our clients, we can offer various services to enable them to quickly and efficiently meet all of their copyright and trademark needs. Enforcing trademark and copyright rights in trademark opposition proceedings and ... More
  • Insurance Lawyers London
    Insurance Lawyers London - If an insurance company violates the terms of a written agreement you are qualified to sue. Nevertheless, the court frequently only forces the insurance firms to pay what it would have owed you under contract. ... More

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During 1993, London became one of the biggest urban municipalities in Ontario due to the annexations in 1993. Rapid residential and commercial development likewise occurred within the northwestern and southwestern areas of the city. Today, London City is considered as the 11th biggest urban area within Canada and the sixth largest city within Ontario.

London has its creative roots planted very early in its history, and over the years, it has created various Canadian talents both in the visual and performing arts. Among the most notable ones comprise: dancers Evelyn Hart, Jack Chambers and the late Greg Curnoe, musician Guy Lombardo, actor Ryan Gosling, and Oscar-winning screenplay writer and director Paul Haggis...